Resident Sidekick
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The Complete Resident Sidekick is a handy tool that was originally designed for on the run residents needing to lessen their load while on the floor. It is suitable for mobile doctors who need quick access to commonly used equipment to perform routine examinations. This pack consists of a durable, nylon ballistic, multi-pocket tool pouch with a convenient velcro flap. Kit comes packed with a 5.07 Monofilament; Lister Bandage Scissors; 5” Double Action Mycotic Nail Nipper; Pen light; 180 degree Rulongmeter. The quick metal belt clip provides easy attachment to scrubs, belt or waistband. This allows for easy positioning while on the go.
  • Resident Sidekick:
  • Item #: MTT-RESPK1

Resident Sidekick

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